WRi at European Wilderness Society

At the first gathering of the European  Wilderness Society  advocates from 22 countries met for three days in Mittersill Austria, to exchange best practice, scientific insights and new ideas on how to identify, designate, manage and promote European Wilderness. http://wilderness.academy/wilderness-days-2014/


Five years on from the European Parliament’s special resolution on wilderness and the Agenda for Europe’s Wilderness and Wildland at the EC Presidency Conference in Prague it was fascinating to hear how different countries are understanding and working with their wilderness and wildland. WRi’s Steve Carver spoke about the wilderness continuum http://wilderness.academy/wp-content/uploads/2014/10/4_steve-carver.pdf  and Jonathan Carruthers Jones spoke about Natural Linkages in the Landscape: Mapping, Prioritising and Valuing Wilderness Corridors in Mountainous Regions. http://wilderness.academy/wp-content/uploads/2014/10/31_J-Carruthers-Jones-WILDERNESS-ACADEMY-2014-51.pdf  The renaissance of wilderness in Europe takes us beyond conservation as we usually think of it. Come to the European Wilderness Society event in Romania next year