Peter Taylor


Peter Taylor leads the ecological consultancy Ethos, pioneering work on integrating renewable energy strategies with wildland, biodiversity and community objectives ( He is a council member of the British Association of Nature Conservationists and author of Beyond Conservation (Earthscan, 2005), and edited the volume: Rewilding (Ethos, 2011); he is also a member of the Royal Anthropological Institute and is exploring a long-standing interest in shamanic perceptions of the natural world.

Peter has varied interests in conservation policy, environmental strategies, climate change, and the anthropology of indigenous knowledge. He is now in the early stages of setting up a centre for studies of European indigenous knowledge in Czech Republic. This work focusses on modes of perception, causality, the nature of the sacred and traditions of inner knowledge. He believes there is a great deal that the western scientific mind-set can learn from indigenous peoples and their sources of nature-knowledge and works to build bridges between ecological science and shamanic perceptions of nature.