The institute is at the forefront of developing and implementing wilderness and wild land mapping techniques utilising spatial information technologies. We have developed unique tools and software to help in this process including web-based participatory mapping tools, crowd-sourcing of perception data, real-time rapid viewshed assessment tools, remoteness models, recreation opportunity spectrum mapping, and multiple criteria and fuzzy modelling based approaches to wilderness quality mapping. We have implemented these approaches and developed wild land maps for a wide range of clients including the Scottish national parks, SNH, JMT, Scottish Government, US National Parks Service and the EU.

Web mapping pages

Example map outputs

  • Relative wildness in the Cairngorm National Park (PDF)
  • Relative wildness in the Loch Lomond and The Trossachs National Park (PDF)
  • Wildness continuum for UK (JMT Vision document, see page 6)
  • Wildness continuum for Scotland (MapTube)
  • Wildness continuum for the Cairngorm National Park (MapTube)
  • Landscape capacity for new wind farms in Scotland (MapTube)
  • Landscape capacity for new wind farms in Scotland relative to core wild land areas (MapTube)

Custom mapping tools