Vlado Vancura


Vlado is currently responsible for the wilderness and conservation aspects of European Wilderness Society’s work throughout Europe. That includes mainly building up the European Wilderness Preservation System. Besides that he also coordinates EWS’ verification process, and keeping in contact with protected areas and conservation NGOs.

He attained a forestry university diploma at the Forestry University in Zvolen, Slovakia in 1981 and finished his postgraduate studies on “Management of natural resources” in 1986. Between 1982 and 1996 Vlado worked for the National Park Service, Slovakia. To learn how to combine  the management of protected areas with outdoors activities he ended up spending 24 months working as a volunteer for the National Park Service, USA and 6 months as a volunteer for Parks Canada.

Since 1996 Vlado worked for the various Slovakian and international NGO and in 2000 he was appointed PAN Parks Conservation Manager. Since 2013 her had carried out a very similar role for EWS. He has over 30 years’ experience of working in a field of wilderness conservation and outdoors activities.

He lives in Liptovsky Hradok, Slovakia, and enjoys hiking, cycling and photography.