WILD10… 3 weeks and counting

Less than 3 weeks to go to WILD10! WILD10, the 10th World Wilderness Congress (WWC), will convene this October in Spain to “Make the World a Wilder Place.” Involving up to 1200 delegates from over 50 nations, with an estimated 30,000 on-line, WILD10 is focused on state-of-the-art information, inspiration, and practical, positive results in policy, protected … Read more

Europe Conference

Steve Carver recently attended the EU/WildEurope conference on “Wilderness and Large Natural Habitat Areas in Europe” held in Prague on 27-28th May 2009 where he presented a keynote speech on “Where is wild? Definition, pattern and opportunity in Europe”.

New International Research Network

WRi has secured funding from the World Universities Network (WUN) to set up an International Wilderness Research Network (iWRN) focusing on the application of spatial information technologies to key challenges in wilderness and wildland research.