Lawton Report on “Making Space for Nature”

The Government has published it’s response to the Lawton Report on “Making Space for Nature” ( The White Paper ( “The Natural Choice: securing the value of nature” supports Prof Lawton’s recommendation for setting up a series of 12 Ecological Restoration Zones through establishing a series of Nature Improvement Areas (NIAs) to explore the opportunities … Read more

Jin Su Jeong visiting WRi and CSAP

Jin Su Jeong (PhD student, Extremadura, Spain) is visitng WRi and CSAP for 3 months (June-August 2011) working on web GIS-enabled approaches to the location and design of rural buildings integrating spatial information and stakeholder knowledge with participatory mapping and environmental assessment.

Michael Markieta visiting WRi

Michael Markieta (Ryerston University International Work Experience Scholarship student, Canada) is visiting WRi  for 6 weeks (May-June 2011) to work on identifying possible GIS solutions to the developing wind farm-wild land conflicts in Scotland.

Mapping Wild Scotland

The WRi is currently undertaking mapping work for the John Muir Trust to develop a reconnaissance level map of wildland in Scotland for planning and policy purposes.

Europe Conference

Steve Carver recently attended the EU/WildEurope conference on “Wilderness and Large Natural Habitat Areas in Europe” held in Prague on 27-28th May 2009 where he presented a keynote speech on “Where is wild? Definition, pattern and opportunity in Europe”.

New International Research Network

WRi has secured funding from the World Universities Network (WUN) to set up an International Wilderness Research Network (iWRN) focusing on the application of spatial information technologies to key challenges in wilderness and wildland research.