Mark Fisher


Dr Mark Fisher is an Honorary Research Fellow in the Wildland Research Institute. He also runs the wildland advocacy blog Self Willed Land…..

In 2003, Mark spent 10 weeks walking the National Parks of North America. He saw the connection that it was the wild nature of these parks that made them so rich in wildflowers. Mark discovered afterwards that many of the parks had designated wilderness areas at their core. Since then, Mark has walked many more wilderness areas in America. In Europe, his favourite wilderness so far is the Lagodehki State Nature Reserve in Georgia.

Britain is probably the worst place to be in Europe for wilderness, and so Mark and Alison Parfitt helped Steve Carver to set up the Wildland Research Institute in the University of Leeds to provide a research and a policy edge. Mark’s work for the Institute has been on the effect of visual and audio stimuli for perceptions of landscape, and on the national protected area systems of Europe, their legislative basis and implementation, and their ability to protect wild land.