Fernando Sanchez-Trigueros


My contribution to the project “Mapping support for descriptions of cultural resilience in fire-adapted ecosystems”, a Joint Research Agreement between the School of Geography and the Aldo Leopold Wilderness Research Institute (Missoula, Montana), aims at providing software functionality for the synthesis, retrieval, mapping and analysis of vague information out of Public Participation GIS data, focusing on the processing of data collected by the Map-Me PPGIS tool. In so doing I am combining theoretical, methodological and technical principles of computational linguistics, GIScience and fuzziness for the devising of composite data models equipped with semantic, measurement and geospatial properties.

I hold postgraduate degrees in Quaternary studies, applied statistics and Geographical Information Systems. My PhD centred on the devising of quantitative methods for land-use analysis in case studies affected by temporal and spatial uncertainty. I have also engaged in the development of computational tools, especially with R, Python, the .NET Framework and the ESRI’s ArcGIS site package.