Karina Aguilar


Karina is a biologist and animal lover who has worked independently for several years in the rescue, rehabilitation and relocation of wildlife, and more latterly in biology and ethnological studies. Recently she has focused her efforts in conservation work with large mammals such as black bear and cougar since these are most threatened by competition from humans for habitat use.

The threat of fragmentation in west of Mexico requires immediate action to find landscape connectivity and the participation positive of human communities. So, with an orthodox way, adding art and science Karina begins the “Ahuisculco” project with support from NGO “Selva Negra” part of the Mexican rock band “Mana”, and the carbon footprint calculations performed by Dr Arturo Balderas supported Darwin Initiative.

Now, giving continuity to these ideals, and also with the support of Darwin Initiative, she is learning from specialists in GIS and wildlife management from the University of Leeds to develop skills in the use of corridor design tools and continue working on proposals for connecting biological corridors that benefit both the society and animals.