Sara Casado Aliácar



Sara studied a degree in Environmental Sciences in the University of Alcalá in Spain and has just completed and MSc in Biodiversity and Conservation in the University of Leeds. During her masters, her research and coursework were focused on habitat suitability modelling and ecological connectivity for wildlife. Sara has collaborated in international projects in Nicaragua, Portugal, Spain and the United Kingdom with the University of León, the University of Alcalá and various NGOs. These projects aimed to conserve endangered species and protected areas, restore ecosystems and encourage young people of rural communities – through environmental education, practical conservation and theatre – to be future leaders who manage their natural resources sustainably. Working in the European project LIFE MedWolf in 2013/4, Sara developed an increasing interest about human-wildlife coexistence, animal welfare and rewilding. She is particularly interested in projects that link academic research and practical conservation as well as in interdisciplinary projects that break down the barriers between social and natural sciences.

Outside work she enjoys hiking, foraging, reading, performing and practising aerial silks.