WCPA Annual Report

The World Commission on Protected Areas (WCPA) is a complex commission within the IUCN, consisting of protected areas experts from around the world. With over 2,500 members in 140 countries, WCPA makes a significant impact through its themes, regions, Specialist Groups, Task Forces, and publications. Since 1958, WCPA has influenced global conservation by advocating for … Read more

Forest Defenders Alliance

The Nature Restoration Law is essential for the future of forests (and the planet) Forest habitats are in a terrible condition in Europe. According to the latest State of Nature in the EU report, only 14% of protected forests are in favorable condition. Forest biodiversity status outside protected areas is even worse. https://forestdefenders.eu/the-nature-restoration-law-is-essential-for-the-future-of-forests-and-the-planet/

Mapping the impact of the proposed Hvalá Power Plant on the wilderness of the Drangajökull Peninsula.

In 2013 the European Union published a register of all the protected wilderness areas in Europe. The mapping that accompanied the register uses digital maps of land use, natural vegetation and remoteness from settlements and roads to create a picture of wilderness areas across Europe. This shows that a little over 42% of the top … Read more